Top Rated Binary Options Robot Software


If you are into binary options trading, you might have come across some popular Auto-trading robots. In spite of the fact that there is much-automated software that promises to give you excellent winning results, there is a very few trustworthy software, and Option Robot is one of them.Top Rated Binary Option Robot Software is one of the best automated trading software that you will find online, and it is nothing but a brand innovation in automated binary options trading softwares. In this Option Robot review, I will introduce you to this automated software and guide you with all the information that you need.

What is Option Robot?


Option Robot as mentioned earlier is an automated trading software which has a winning rate of 83% which is quite a humble winning rate compared to other robots which promise sky-high winning rates. This is also a very easy to use innovative new software which has a simple and user-friendly interface that you will love to trade with. All you need to do is sign-up and start trading that’s all.


Features of Option Robot: Why Option Robot is the right tool!

Option Robot comes with some features that make this software a unique tool to work with. I have listed some of these features, and these features make the software the right tool to start trading with doesn’t matter whether you are a professional trader or a new trader.


●It works automatically: The best part of Option Robot is that it works on itself and will find the right trade for you once you set it on automated mode. So, if you are a busy trader or a non-professional day trader Option Robot is all you need.
●It also works manually: Now, if you are more accustomed to manual trading you can also do that with the Option Robot. You just need to set the robot into manual mode instead of automated mode and start strategizing your ways to find the right trading results.
●Reverse Trade: The Option Robot has got a reverse trade feature with the help of which you can reverse the whole process of your trade if by any means you find that the trade has got some flaws. This feature gives you with more flexibility and a chance to make your trading style better.
●Set Trade loss limit: One interesting feature of the Option Robot is that you can set trade limits for your daily losses. This is a handy feature as this will allow you to have control over the number of losses per day and minimize your losses that might happen.
●Select your broker: While many automated softwares will present brokers for your account, the Option Robot will allow you to choose your broker from the number of world class and trusted brokers like 24Options, Stockpair, Empireoption, etc. These are some of the big names of options trading, and with the Option Robot, you get this opportunity.
●Trade indicators that find the right trade together: This is one of the best features of Option Robot. There are many trading indicators that you can choose from which will together correlate in order to find the right trading signal. If one among two indicators doesn’t relate with a particular signal, they will not respond. Once both of the indicators agree to the particular signal, you can place the trade giving you with a very less chance to get a losing trade.
●Demo account: Now, if you are new to binary options trading or have very less confidence while trading with a new robot you can open a demo account before indulging into the real market. You can learn all the nuances of trading and gather some experience and start trading with a real account.


So, these are some of the features of Option Robot that makes it a unique tool to do binary options trading.

Option Robot Trading Systems:

Option Robot comes with three trading systems each of which gives a unique trading experience. The three trading systems are Classic System, Martingale System, and Fibonacci System.

●Classic System: The Classic Trading system is the standard trading system with which many binary options trader works with. This is the oldest and the safest trading system, and although it allows the use of very fewer features, it gives a very small amount of losses in return.
●Martingale System: Widely used by professional trading experts with a huge number of investments the Martingale System of trading is not the usual trading system that you would want to start trading with unless you are a big shot trader. It has the potential to bring you sky high profits but has a very small winning rate making it a risky system.
●Fibonacci System: The Fibonacci system is another well-known trading system which is known to bring huge profits to lesser risks. It is much popular than the Martingale system as it involves less number of risky trades and with a favorable number of good payouts but the problem is that a single loss can be huge enough to bring all your investments down.


Option Robot Trading Indicators:

There are six trading indicators which Option Robot comes with. The indicators are Trend, RSI, CCI, STOCH, MACD, and WILLIAMS.

For option Robot to put a Sell or Buy trade a combination of the selected indicators have to work out for Option Robot to put the trade. For example, if you have chosen two indicators, for example, CCI and RSI, both CCI and RSI have to agree to the Sell or buy signal of the particular trade in order to execute the trade.

This makes Option Robot a reliable binary options trading tool, unlike most other robots.

Option Robot is the no doubt the Best Automated trading software!

With all the features, trading systems and trading indicators the Option Robot is a one brand new automated software package. Whether you are a busy professional trader or someone who got interested into binary options trading recently Option Robot is the right choice for you.

Moreover, if you are in trouble finding out how trading with Option Robot is as you can always go for the Demo account before jumping straight into the live trading market.